About marielouvanstuijvenberg.com, Marielou van Stuijvenberg


Since childhood, I have been in contact with the artistic world. I was born and grew up in the city of Caracas. After highschool, I was educated at Washington University in St. Louis, USA, for my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Soon after I graduated, I lived two years in Switzerland exploring my artistic abilities in the world of esthetics and beauty of our personal appearance. I never imagined 1988 would mark a turning point in my life...it was then when I started working in the well known Diamond House in Amsterdam "Gassan Diamonds."

Working 13 years in the jewelry and diamond business, and enjoying this whole experience as a woman, I have developed my creativity and sensitivity to form and design.

In 2001, I participated in an Open Atelier in Amsterdam during two months, exploring my creative talent as an artist in Contemporary Art.

Since 2004, after getting a diploma in Jewelry Business Principles at GIA, Carlsbad, I have been designing and creating unique jewelry and utility objects in my atelier in Caracas, craftmanship that express my personality as an artist. Throughout the years, I've had my Art Jewelry exhibited in Galleries and Museums in Venezuela and in Chile.

In Spring 2012, I took up my passion again for painting in Amsterdam. I paint what my eyes see, and what my heart feels, following my inner spontaneity and intuition. Passionate is a word that suits my energetic personality as a contemporary artist. This description includes above all my passion for life, and my enthusiasm, both expressed with generous strokes of vibrant oil-paint color, exhibiting high luminosity in my paintings. 

My works not only reflect a deep approach to the inner world of women and their feminity, but they also transmit my inner strenght and freedom.